Hello Sir, heard your interview with Asianet radio today with my kids. It was an inspired one for the coming generation. Thank you very much.
--- Abdulkhader Ibrahim

A hearty thanks for communicating the most valuable thoughts today at Md seminary school, ktym. Myself Sumi Ison was present with my daughter Elena Ison for the science talent. Hope I can get in touch with u in person in future.
--- Sumi Ison, Kottayam

Today we wish that this is the day brings a turningpoint to the life of our kids.Though too late to say thank you, it is not simple two little words Sir;this is our prayer.When I talk to my sis felt the happiness she had after very long time.May God gives us a sign to reach correct path through U Guru.Pranamam shathakodi pranamam.

Dear Sir, The session was very informative and enriching. Was happy to c our Rev. Guruji and interact in person. Thanks for making it possible. Found all our Jnaanam family members very friendly. Felt happy and content. Thank you sir for giving us more knowledge & new friends.
--- Sabitha Nandakumar, Dubai

Gudevng Sir!!! It was a great privilege to talk to u last Friday. I really feel energetic and fear about tmrw is gone...bcz now I feel today is more important and if we give importance today,tmrw will be better. Thanks a lot for spending ur precious time. God bless u and ur family...Thank u...
--- Manju, Bahrain

Sir, I am a student in Victoria college.....hats off sir for ur class...really inspired ....I was in class till end....
Really u made my day meaningful......
Sir......hope that under your guidance and support I can...sir I need ur mental support please...!!!!

It was indeed our honour and pleasure to have you with us. Our students appreciated your class. I asked who all got up early today. So many hands went up.

I am Dhanya, Second year MSc mathematics student KKTM. Was fortunate enough to attend your session yesterday
Thank you so much Sir

--- Dhanya

Good evening sir
I was sooooo impressed on ur talk in asianet radio. I want to meet u sir. Your advice and discussion is very much reqd here for our students as well as for us too. Started to send ur interview to all my WhatsApp contacts to enable everyone should taste what I enjoyed on ur interview....it’s amazing... We need more and definitely we will call u sir


It is indeed highly creditable that you are grooming higher secondary students from all over the country and inspiring them to attain their full potential education wise. That is a great service towards enriching the Nation and contributing to the govt's motto of channelizing the youth power of the country to accelerate all round growth of the Nation! My sincere congratulations to you Mr. Sashikumar for such a noble and patriotic effort!
--- Paramesh Nair

Good morning Sir and all. Yesterday's session was really a good one. We even did a small drama .Got to learn more from Sir. Thanks to all
--- Simmy, Dubai

So humbled and grateful to Sir for today’s Satsang. Don’t have words to express my happiness.
--- Sriya, Dubai

No words to express our happiness in Sir being with us to lead us to simple living. It was awakening into parenting. Thanks to all the members who joined.
--- Neetha G Anil

Hello sir this is Aditi one of the students who attended your seminar today. Today's seminar helped me a lot, it helped me think about my future. I am really great full for it.
--- Aditi, Qatar

Hello sir, I am mini, Neha’smother. We were there in today's and yesterday’s session. Thank you so much for the sessions.Pls guide our daughter to achieve her dreams. She is a girl who lives with motivations, even if we tell the same things 100 times one word from you make the magic work. She is getting session’s n experience which was long awaited. We wanted her get some support n guidance which i didn't get. Please help her sir.
--- Mini, Doha

Sir really after a long time today I felt the happiness of childhood. When we attended the last session in GEMs, I felt that "this is the right person to be hold near to heart".Again today my feeling is “met a guru who will hold our hands and lead as well as took all of us in your heart.". No words to show the gratitude but follows your each words is the only promise from my part. Seeing the happy kids including our daughter nothing is there to substitute the value.
--- Rekha Reghu, Dubai