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Dr T P Sasikumar

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Dr T P Sasikumar worked as a scientist in Space Department for two decades. He was Director at Academic Staff College under University Grants Commission at University of Calicut and was Deputy Director at Directorate General of Security, Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi before taking a voluntary retirement in 2009. He opted to be in Academics and Mentoring Youth to create dreams in them and enrich their skills towards Nation building.

DrTPS reached over 600 thousand teachers and one million students through lectures in Professional colleges to Schools across the country and the world. Redefining Learning and Teaching towards adaptive edutrainment with activity filled classrooms clearly defining goal, role and value is what makes his classes memorable.

He conducted Holiday Sessions in Hyderabad called Shiksha-Holiday Program which attracted many engineering students and MNC Professionals as they learned LIFE lessons and Created High Profiles after these interactions. DrTPS always gives a different LIFE and Learning experience to his students. Many of his students turned into Civil Service aspirants due to his influence.

He also conducts Teacher training sessions, as he believes that teachers are the ones who make tomorrow’s citizens. He teaches them what is Effective and Affective teaching, educational techniques etc. Under the Kerala Government’s Higher Education Council with Walk with a Scholar, DrTPS initiated Mentors’ Navigation Workshop for College Teachers and reached out to colleges in whole of Kerala. All the Gulf CBSE School Principals heard DrTPS and as a continuation he trained almost all teachers from most of the prestigious Indian Schools in Gulf.

DrTPS believes in Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual balanced Life. He is an Innovative – Creative – Thought Leader and creates Spirit in Youth.

He had a two-year tenure as Management Professor in an Engineering College under Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University at Hyderabad. He headed an Engineering College in Kerala as Executive Director for a year. He also worked as a consultant for an International School in North Kerala. He is in advisory board in many of the Trusts and contribute a great amount in many projects that helps students.

DrTPS initiated Destination IAS and Mission CSAT for Civil Service Aspirants and is active in motivation and creating basic knowledge for civil service preparation among School and College Students. JNAANAM at his native is a Hermitage to accommodate around 50 students to run short term Holiday Residential Camps and attracted youth from over 20 countries and ran 30 camps (2014-2018) participated over 500.

He is always available for all the students from any part of the globe for doubts regarding any subject, life, career etc.., through personal meetings, phone, email, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and through his Website. He writes many informative blogs, numbering over 60, for the benefit of those who want to learn, acquire knowledge. His passion for LIFE (Learning is an Investment for Future Earning / Live or Learn in Full Enjoyment) has made him to author books like LIFE made SIMPLE, LIFE of LOVE, RHYTHM of LIFE, LIFE is to LIVE, LIFE Reflections etc. His books are so close to heart that, those who read them will find solutions for all problems, highly motivational and grievance redressing tips. His articles in periodicals are simple and clear, carrying deeper thoughts within. This could be the reason his book LIFE made SIMPLE was credited as a MODERN THIRUKKURAL by the reviewer (Late) Prof. Akavoor Narayanan from Delhi.

Anyone who wants to listen to his sessions could also get them through his YouTube channel which has over 400 of his uploads. Most of his feedbacks and interactions are very touching, as the students open and cry on the stage, as they feel he is the sole healing heart close to them. His testimonials and videos on YouTube are a testimony on this.

He has great interest in Films. He was one instrumental for Oman Film Festival and contributed some documentaries. He loves art and culture and understands internals of dance and music.

His public talks and Spiritual lectures are seen by many and they adore him as a spiritual guru. It is unusual to see a man with high intellect and having true scientific analysis teaching Bhagavad Gita and creating discussions across the globe through Skype sessions.  His spirit is very active in spirituality and he talks in temples on rituals and Bhakti / Vedanta etc.

His interviews were covered by many media (TV) including Discovery Channel , newspapers, magazines etc. He has many awards - Vagmi Award, Manava Rathna Puraskaram, Social Activity Award etc., in his credit.

DrTPS learnt Indian heritage by traveling and living with (Late) Brahmsree KPC Anujan Bhatathiripad  who was an authority in Sanskrit, Vedas, Upanishads and Thanthra. From (Late) Payyanur Kesavanachary he learned Astrology and Vasthu. Further studied many therapies including REIKI, Pranic and many other Healing and he started DOWSING and ESOTERIC Healing. He got initiated into Himalayan Meditation from (Late) Mahamandaleswar Swami Veda Bharati and he practices Meditation in Action.