Dr T P Sasikumar

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Dr T P Sasikumar hails from a humble background with modest resources and always tried to make bestuse of them. Though, initially he was not good at studies, slowly and steadily he started valuingeducation immensely, as it has made him what he is today. He obtained number of degrees and hasmany feathers in his hat.

He worked as a scientist in Space Department for two decades and also served as a Deputy Director atDirectorate General of Security, Cabinet Secretariat, New Delhi before taking a voluntary retirement in2009. If continued without taking requirement, he would have reached many heights in IndianGovernment, but, he opted against it as he always had an inner passion to teach and to show directionto the otherwise directionless youth of today’s generation.

He started giving Motivation Lectures in various educational institutes throughout length and breadth ofIndia and abroad and explained the youngsters, the value of education and the value of knowledge. Hetaught Personality Development and Leadership Qualities to tens of thousands of youth. There arethousands of students who got motivated through his lectures and have made a clear plan for theircareer and hence traversed the path of success. He always has a passion and love towards activities, ashe believes that teaching through activities will help in developing a longer retention power in studentsand hence most of his teachings will be through activities. He also learnt various Indian heritage subjectsthrough Vedas, Upanishads and Thanthra, Astrology and Vasthu from many expert gurus in those areas.Further, he studied Hypnotism and many therapies including REIKI, Pranic Healing and got self-initiatedwith ESOTERIC Healing and DOWSING. His practice of Meditation is Meditation in Action.

He conducted few week long summer sessions in Hyderabad and Kerala on the request of the students.Students believe that he is a walking Encyclopedia, as whatever questions they ask (it may be on anysubject/any field), there will be an answer from him. On the request from the students who haveattended his summer session in Hyderabad, he continued these knowledge sessions on every Saturdayand Sunday and also on every general holiday, hence these sessions were named as Holiday Sessions. Agroup of students in Hyderabad have got benefitted through these Holiday sessions, by spending all theirholidays constructively with him in gaining Knowledge, as Knowledge always makes a difference andthese group of students had always outshone in whatever they did and wherever they are. Meeting himmade a lot of difference to their lives. His varied interest in learning has also encouraged studentsassociated with him to take up everything that comes to them as learning. Hence, all his students startedloving knowledge and respecting our rich culture and heritage.

He also conducts Teacher training sessions, as he believes that teachers are the ones who maketomorrow’s citizens. He teaches them what is Effective and Affective teaching, educational techniquesetc. He has already reached more than three lakh of teachers. He also held a position as Director of UGC-Academic Staff College at Calicut University in Kerala. One of the pivotal positions in UGC setup.

He believes in Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual balanced Life and his Soft Skill andLIFE skill trainings are for this. He has high Innovative – Creative Thoughts and is a Leader for theDevelopment of Society. He is a true educationalist as seen through his CSR activity ICON at Palakkad(uplifting the down trodden students to international standards). He had a two year tenure asManagement Professor in an Engineering College under Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University atHyderabad. He headed an Engineering College in Kerala as Executive Director for a year. He also workedas a consultant for an International School being planned in North Kerala. He is in advisory board in manyof the Trusts and contribute a great amount in any projects that helps students. He is currently holdingthe position as Founder Chairman of Destination IAS in Kerala.

He is always available for all the students from any part of the globe for doubts regarding any subject,life, career etc.., through personal meetings, phone, email, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and alsothrough his Website. He writes many informative blogs, numbering over 60, for the benefit of those whowant to learn, acquire knowledge. His passion for LIFE (Learning is Investment for Future Learning / Liveor learn in Full Enjoyment) has made him to author books like LIFE made SIMPLE, LIFE of LOVE, LIFE is toLIVE, LIFE Reflections etc. His books are so close to heart that, those who read them will find solutionsfor all problems, highly motivational and grievance redressing tips. Anyone who wants to listen to hissessions could also get them through his YouTube channel which has over 400 of his uploads. EFIL (CIVILAspirants Group – Ekalavya for Future India Leadership) is his learners group on Facebook. Most of hisfeedbacks and interactions are very touching, as the students open up and cry on the stage, as they feelhe is the sole healing heart close to them. His testimonials and videos on YouTube are testimony on this.

He is a good poet, writes in many languages. He knows all south Indian languages and can converse inBangla & Guajarati and being fluent in Hindi, he can reach any part of remote North India too. He hasgreat interest in Films (was one instrumental for Oman Film Festival and made some documentaries forthe same). He has tremendous interest and knowledge in politics, that he makes too sharp and criticalpredictions and remarks.

His public talks and Spiritual lectures are seen by many and they adore him as spiritual guru. It is unusualto see a man with high intellect and having true scientific analysis. His spirit is very active in spiritualityand he talks in temples on rituals and Bhakti / Vedanta etc. His Geetha and Mahabharata classes areappreciated by youth as they found them relevant in present day and could easily connect.

His articles in periodicals are simple and clear, carrying deeper thoughts within. This could be the reason his book LIFE made SIMPLE was credited as MODERN THIRUKKURAL by the reviewer (Late) Prof. Akavoor Narayanan from Delhi.

His interviews were covered by many media (TV) including Discovery Channel on Kumba Mela, newspapers, magazines etc. He has many awards in his credit.