Destination IAS

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Destination IAS is a dream project of DrTPS initiated in Kerala and spread across and beyond India. The idea is to create a learning spirit in students from the age of 12 years through 20 years. By then the students get the grip of learning everything.

Students have the ability to grasp and can put large energy in acquiring and sharing knowledge. They can work fast, if Put In demand. Destination IAS helps students by, inculcating the spirit of taking every experience as an opportunity for learning new things, quenching their thirst for knowledge and enriching their academic interest.

A student is good in learning but only some subjects or any extra skill? Then, can make all subjects interesting for them through DIAS classes. PEER GROUP Learning skill is developed at DIAS and then, students will be their own. NO TUTIONS required.

Is DIAS only for students aspiring for IAS?
Many think that Destination IAS is only for civil aspirants, but, it is not. It is for anyone who has the ability to learn / teach. So that, they can be into Medical / Engineering / Journalism / Art / Mass Communication / Interior designing or any other profession. DIAS believes that Creativity is the taste of life and hence DIAS helps in creating high dreams and to aspire high while enjoying learning.

What is IAS?
IAS for DIAS students is Inspire Aspire Success Involved Active Study Immediate Academic Success DIAS will spread, and the mentors under the guidance of DrTPS will run centers of learning by sharing which is the motto of Shiksha.