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Dear Sasi:
I have carefully gone through the poems in your book “Life of Love”; I deem it a privilege and honour to be asked to say a few words about such a book of exquisite beauty and grandeur. But at the same time I must confess that it is not without a trace of diffidence that I scribble these lines, because of two factors. The first is my doubt of my own fitness and competency to comment on the quality of these poems of high thought since I consider myself as a layman as far as principles of metaphysics and modern science are concerned. The second reason is that I was not in a position to read and write about a book, physically and mentally, when you presented it to me. Now I feel a little better and relaxed and refreshed. The pleasure and satisfaction derived from enjoying these rejuvenating poems emboldens me to venture an attempt.

These poems, I think, essentially reflect the core of Indian thought expressed in poetry. As everybody knows, information and knowledge do not make great poetry. We get poetry of good flavour only when knowledge distils into a mystic and sublime sensibility. Otherwise it remains mere prosaic statements. In these poems I experience deep and unique thoughts on life and death based on our ancient wisdom fortified, corroborated and tempered by modern science as expressed in these, crisp and exact words.
-- Prof. Akavoor Narayanan, Renowned professor of Delhi University